About us

During a long and nice dinner in March 2021, we were talking about the future and the different opportunities that life could offer us. One of our dreams was to open a bed and breakfast in Provence, but we hadn’t planned to materialize this project for at least 5 years.

We finally asked ourselves the question “What are we waiting for? Why not do it now?”. To make this dream a reality, we decided to quit our jobs in Sweden, we sold our house in Stockholm and moved to France within a few months. When we decide something, things go fast! Even though the pandemic was slowing down the process and preventing us from looking for houses, we were looking at properties on the internet. When we found this house, we made an offer without seeing it for real. In October 2021, we moved there. For six months, we renovated and decorated almost every room in the house, decorated the outdoor spaces and spent many hours working in the garden to create that tranquil atmosphere we longed for. We both loved working as a team and it was a pleasure to do this really big creative project together! We sincerely hope that you will feel at home at La Maison de Platane.

On April 25, 2022, La Maison de Platane opens its doors. In the inner courtyard, there is a very large plane tree (Platane in French) – at least 150 years old, bringing shade and serenity to the place. It then seemed natural to us to name our B&B that way.