Wine course

Live a unique and typical experience of the Provençal art of living during your stay at La Maison de Platane: we organize oenology lessons held directly at our house by a professional sommelier, in French or in English.

Irrespective of previous knowledge, the objective of the course is to increase your competence and convey various technics and tools, to better orient yourself in the world of wine. We are in Provence so there will be a logical strong focus on this region, where on the wine front, a lot of exciting development has taken place the last years.

The course takes about 2,5-3 hours and is split in 2 parts:

The first hour covers some theory, necessary to better understand the practical part. The sommelier will briefly run you through some wine history, climate aspects, the grape properties, the vineyard, the importance of the soil and finally the vinification i.e., some basics for the wine production process.

During the second part you will practice. You will taste several red, white, and rosé, mostly local Provence wines of different quality. You will learn various tasting technics like the aspect, the nose and the mouth. Each wine will then be analyzed and discussed and may be reach some conclusions as to its quality and potential food pairing properties

The total cost for the course is € 225 i.e., individual cost will depend on the number of participants, ideally 4 to 8. The price includes all material like documentation, proper tasting glasses, spitting buckets and off course all the wine.

Contact us so we can organize a lesson for you and confirm a date that works for you during your stay !