The house

The oldest part of our house dates from the 14th/15th century. The ground floor is a vestige of the Château de Fayence, which was dismantled in 1710. Besides, you can see the remains of the tower just across the street…

In the 17th/18th century, two new floors were added to the old part. In the early 1900s, the building was used as a farm. Since then, it has kept its secrets. What we do know is that it never was a B&B before we moved there.

The house – 380m² – is located in the center of the old village of Fayence, so you can walk around during your stay to discover the surrounding heritage, good restaurants and emblematic places. Each bedroom has a private entrance and they are located in the part of the house that is closest to the swimming pool, each on a different floor. Le Petit Chalet is located in the large inner courtyard, in the shade of our large and magnificent plane tree.